Notification on change Update

Hi All,

My customer requirement is to send an email notification when the change is updated.

We have created a custom field in the Change Closure Phase, once the field is updated email should trigger.

I couldn't see any Chm Change Update notification in my system.

Please advise.




  • Hi,

    we do have the ChM Change Updation notification 1 and 2. We have configured in these notifications and tested, but no notification got triggered.

    Please advise.



  • If you have created notification records where the ID is correct (I do not have an SM in front of me, but it should be something like ChM Update; check OOB notifications and match that ID), and assuming you are actually sending emails, then this should work - doubly assuming that your conditions are evaluating to true. Can you post your notification records? What are the expected conditions for when the notifications should fire? Is it on any/all updates/changes to that field value?