Full reindex is not active

i can't click on full reindex for knowldegebase ,

alos the list of km server won,t be shown though the km srever is  added and verified.

  • In the sm,.ini confirm you have these two parameters:

    Check SOLR
    Stop the SOLR search engine
    Start the SOLR searh engine
    Open a brower and go to http://<server>:8080/KMCores (this is the SOLR search engine)
    If you see the SOLR admin panel then SOLR is up and running

    Check SM
    Login to Service Manager and go to Knowledge Managment > Configuration > Configure Search Servers
    You should see the container you created for this seearch server
    Inside you should see the server, port and it's listed as Master
    Confirm that you can Verify Server
    Go the Knowledge_Library
    Look to see if you see info in the Status tab.