(SM) Support Tip: Upgrading Mysm content in SM9.40

Service Manager Reports can incorporate the charts and pages created in MySM by providing you with a migration script. After you upgrade to Service Manager 9.40, MySM will be disabled. You can run the migration script to migrate the MySM content to Service Manager Reports.

Content before migration

Content after migration

Migration mechanism

Capability Words

User roles

All users who have MySM capability words are Report Managers. They will be in the same query group of MySM.



Convert public charts to shared reports and share them to MySM query group. The migrated reports names are MySM_<mysmComponentName>_<mysmComponentID> (global). The user’s own chart will only be viewed by this user.



Convert public pages to shared dashboards and share them to MySM query group. The migrated dashboards name are MySM_<mysmPageName>_<mysmPageID> (global). The user’s own page will only be viewed by this user.

Filter of charts

Query of reports

Incorporate filter conditions into a query.

To migrate all the MySM charts and pages, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Service Manager.
  2. Type migratemysmin the command field and press Enter. A MySM Migration Tool interface is displayed.
  3. Click the Migrate MySMlink from the interface to start the migration.