Cannot select item in comboBox

I have a combo box that when an item is selected, it goes to a different Window.  

1-I have used the Select statement on the object (in UFT), but nothing happens.  It doesn't switch windows

2- I have tried recording, but the recording doesn't record when clicking both events (click on combobox and click on item inside of the box.  It just records one of the steps.

3- Have tried plcing the mouse on the coordinates, but it doesn't switch the Window.

This is a desktop application and would appreciate if someone has run into this problem and has a suggestion.  A sample is appreciated as well.

Using combo boxes in which a button is clicked once selection is made are not a problem.  Just this one that switches Windows when the item is selected.  I cannot spy on the item inside the box because it dissapears as soon as I click the spy.