HP Service Manager 9.30 webtier

I'm having a problem in deploying the SM 9.30 webtier with the default configurations, any suppport?

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  • For changing web.xml in tomcat folder is workaround. In manual it written to change in .war


    Edit the web.xml file within the webtier-9.30 file to add your server connection information. The settings you define in this file determine the client preferences for all web clients. View the Service Manageronline help for a complete list and more detailed explanation of each parameter.

    1. Open the webtier-9.30.war file in an archive management program.
    2. Extract the web.xml file from the archive to your local system. Extract this file into its default path of WEB-INF\ so that you can preserve the path information when you archive it again.
    3. Open the web.xml file in a text editor.

    Changing .war file is causing to delete webtier-9.30 folder when Apache Tomcat is started