SRC Question: using the "More support" option, I need to make "Description" mandatory

Dear folks,

Please see the enclosed document for more details.  In the SRC, when I can't find an existing option to describe my issue/service request, I have the option to submit an open request in which I describe in my own words what I need.  This is the "More Support" option. 

In here, the title field is mandatory, but not the description.  How do I make the description mandatory as well?

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    There is an option to make this field mandatory in the SRC Tailoring. I think this field can be found in in the Support Checkout > Request Description, if it is not you need to locate this field, but the option is in the SRC Tailoring.

    I hope this works for you.

  • Hello Ulises,

    Go to Tailoring > SRC Tailoring

    You will see 3 checkouts options, one is General Checkout, select it and click configure sections. Then you will see Request Description, select it and click Configure Fields.

    Now you will see title and description, select description and click edit custom field.

    You will see SRC Tailoring - Edit field. Click next. Second screen will show an option for mandatory. Select it and click next.

    Finally click Finish button twice.

    Now the setting is ready if SRC is up it's required to restart it for SRC to take the change.


  • Thanks, this is what we were looking for and it was right under our nose.

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