(SM) support tip: How to change the sort order of System Navigator menus

By default, System Navigator menus will sort by alphabetical order. How can they be set to order by option number instead?


Make the following changes to change the sort to be by option instead of alphabetical order:

In the Web Client

  1. Open the web.xml file
  2. Locate the lines:



  1. Change the value to false
  2. Restart the Web Application Server (i.e. Tomcat)

In the Windows Client

  1. Open the Windows Client
  2. Choose Window > Preferences
  3. Expand Service Manager
  4. Choose Appearance
  5. Uncheck the box that says “Sort menu items alphabetically in the System Navigator”
  6. Apply
  7. Ok
  8. Log out of the Windows Client if you are logged in
  9. Log in to the Windows Client and the Menu options should no longer be alphabetically ordered