displaying All assignment groups of a ticket


I am trying to create a field in incident ticket in which I need to store all assignment groups to which the ticker has been assigned or reassigned. 

so I create an array field and in the incident format control, I added the below to the calculation section:

reassignment in $file=assignment in $file

but this only shows the current assignment group, is there any way by which I can store all assignmnet groups helped in an incident ticket?








  • If you use "shadow table" for Incidents, the history of assignments (and other info) is already stored for you.

    So please check first if you can find your IM tickets from the Problem table. Rule of thumb is that every time a open, update or close (resolve) operation is done to the ticket, additional row is added to the Problem table. So it fulfills your requirement nicely. All assignment changes (and much else) are stored.

    Next step is to create a Javascript query that queries Problem table. It's quite straightforward and SM help provides help how to do a basic JavaScript query and store that value into a field or variable. (Or alternatively, check from Script Library some OOB examples.)

  • Verified Answer

    The default configuration disables problem paging, and it is excessive for the requirement (it saves a copy of the record at every update). 

    To add the current assignment group to an array, you need to ADD it to the array: Assuming you;re doing it in format control, it would be something like this:

    arrayName in $file = arrayName in $file   {assignment in $file}

    You would want to update the assignment group array at record add, then at any time assignment in $file<>assignment in $file0 

    Note that is a ticket is reassigned to a team more than once, this approach will list them each time separate;y. If you just want a list of all groups that were assigned, you could clean up the array to remove duplicates. Alternatively, you could configure assignment group clocks and track each group to which the ticket was assigned and how long it was assigned to that team (note that this would not be in an array).