Please let me know the procedure of creating a privileged user who can only reset password

We are using HP SM 7. We have new requirement of creating a privileged user who can only reset password. The user should not have access to any other tabs excluding security tab in the operator record. Is it possible. Please help.

  • I think you'd be better off making something completely custom, rather than trying to modify the operator record and displayoptions.

    On the operator record, there's a button called 'Reset Operator's Password'.  That displayoption record calls a Process record called 'reset.op.pass', which just calls a RAD application, taking the operator record as the $L.file variable.

    So, you could easily to this via Script or Wizard and a new function right from the menu.  

    The wizard would start by asking for the operator ID, and then query the operator table to get the operator's record loaded into the $L.file variable.  Then, it would call the reset.op.pass Process (or RAD) and step the user through resetting the password.  Then, you could have this option available on the Menu Navigator, and give it only to the users who should have this ability - like through a capability word or some other role-based control.

    So, something like:

    Wizard Name: reset.password.1
    Brief Description: Give operators ability to reset someone else's password.
    Window Title: Select Operator
    Prompt: Enter the Operator ID of the user whose password needs to be reset.
    File Selection -
    Select $L.file by - No File (use $L.typecheck)
    Usage -
    Request User Input
    Sub Format to Display: <some custom form name: ex reset.password.1)
    Variables: $
    Next Wizard: reset.password.2
    Condition: not null($
    Wizard Name: reset.password.2
    Brief Description: Update operator's password
    Initial Expressions -
    $query="name=\"" $ "\""
    File Selection -
    Select $L.file by - No $L.file (use $L.typecheck)
    Select One record from list
    Query for records: true
    Of Type: operator
    Using Query: $query
    If One Record: Use Record
    Actions -
    Perform Action On: Selection ($L.selection)
    Format Ctrl/Process Name -
    Process Name: reset.op.pass

    Then, you create a custom form (ex. reset.password.1) that has the $ variable as your input, and a record in the Menu table to give this wizard to the operators you want.