Question about analytics to track web-tier and SRC peformance

Dear folks,

This is more like a general question regarding the use of analytics to monitor the performance of the Service Manager web-tier and the SRC in our Intranet.  We are deploying an analytics server and I was given a demo about it and a pitch to include our applications into it.

The way this was explained to me it's just a matter of inserting a few lines of Javascript in our application, whick I'm sure is not harmful.  But my managers want to make sure that's the case and that's the reason why I'm asking you about it.  Also, regarding the SRC since it's a Flash application the analytics tracking is more difficult; but I was also told that by the use of something call "fragment tracking" we can also track the flash site.

So what is your opinion about this?  This is something that we really like to have, more so as we want to make sure that our SRC deployment strategy is effective and our customer are actually using our system.

Best regards,