I would like to pull a report from HPSM or create a report, where I can add how old is the ticket from the date it was open and till todays date


Current query :

problem.status isin {"Pending Customer", "Pending Vendor","Work in Progress"} and assignment isin {"GLOB-APS-CONDOR-PCO", "GLOB-SAG-CONDOR-EUS"} and ( open.time>=tod()- '8 00:00:00' and open.time<=tod() - '1 00:00:00' and update.time<=tod() - '1 00:00:00') 


Need modify to have option to view open date of ticket and how old ticket

How old= current date -open date

When i manually pull the report to Excel ,the date dont tabulate well in excel, despite arranging the format of the report.


PLease help to find  fix