Multi company SLA configuration

Dear Experts,

I have an issue with the configuration of SLA on HPSM 9.3

Our scenario:

Customer - There are companies (e.g. names 10 till  39) who are customers , which are defined in the company table.

Resolver companies - I have 3 companies named EMEA , AMS, APAC all configured as customer and also identified in a separate table named They provide 1 service each named as EMEA ITSM, AMS ITSM.

EMEA has customers from company 10 to 19

AMS has customers from company 20 to 29

APAC has customers from company 30 to 39.

Configurations: The SLA is created independently for each of the resolver company (EMEA, AMS, APAC). We have also set SLO for each priority on the SLA.


The SLA's we want to set are specific to (EMEA, AMS, APAC) and not specific to customer company. We have to set based on teh company selected in field and not the values selected for customer company.


After the SLA and SLO are set, we still get the SLA mapped to Default SLA in module control. But these SLA is not picked. How do we go ahead?

We can also accept if the SLA is set on service. However, modifying the Service type does not have any effect on the value.


Any advice would be highly appreciated.