(SM) Support Tip : "Host of origin may not be blank" error in CIT for SM web service connector

Connect-It(CIT)/Service Manager(SM) : CIT scenario contains a SM web service connector as the destination connector. When the scenario is run, each document produced in the document log has an error "Host of origin may not be blank".

Example scenario :




Following errors appear for each of the documents produced :



Conitgui.log present in the <CIT_InstallDir>\bin directory is filled with similar entries :
2013/11/15 18:42:42.882 1 1 [(DeleteEventoutDst) DeleteEventout] (0) Cause by java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Host of origin may not be blank
2013/11/15 18:42:55.476 0 1 [(DeleteEventoutDst) DeleteEventout] (0) Unable to initialize request.
2013/11/15 18:42:55.476 0 1 [(DeleteEventoutDst) DeleteEventout] (0) Error processing query.

The issue is at SM's end where the wsdl does not have hostname in the urls.

Example : If IncidentManagement wsdl is opened via the url : http://hostname:13080/SM/7/IncidentManagement.wsdl, notice that the urls inside the wsdls are mentioned as : http://:13080/SM/7/Eventout.xsd
The url ideally should be : http://hostname:13080/SM/7/Eventout.xsd

In sm.ini present under <SM_InstallDir>\Server\RUN directory, the preferredFQHN is not specified correctly or an IP is provided instead of the hostname. The value should contain the proper Fully Qualified Host Name (FQHN) of the machine. One can also try by commenting the parameter and restarting the SM service as the parameter is not always mandatory.