Id'd like to prevent Interaction from being closed by Incident

I'm approaching this issue from a bit of a different angle from other similar posts I've reviewed.  Maybe a best practice as opposed to technical question, but here it goes....

I'm looking at the Interactions (SD) placed in my assignment group as "requests" for me to own/manage.  If I can't resolve on my own I will then create one or more Incidents (IM) for the appropriate alternate service providers in my organization seeking their assistance for a specific sub task and relate these IM's back to my SD. When the tech provides resolution to the IM and closes the IM they are then prompted to also close the related SD.

I want to prevent my SD from being closed as I may have other related IM's, tasks to complete or simply prefer to follow up with the user who submitted the SD before closing.

Is there anything I can do to prevent the SD from being closed by the IM?

Thank you....