Mails Are not triggering to the user

Hi Experts,

After the patching activity on the server where HPSM is installed mails are not triggering to users.Mails were not stuck in eventout.eventout is having no data.When i checked with the messaging team regarding the SMTP server, they are saying it is working fine and they are getting traffic from the server where HPSM is installed but they are not getting traffic from HPSM.What could be the reason.Do i need to restart any services in the server related to HPSM.HPSM is installed on Unix server.






  • Hi Jagabandhu,

    I would like to know the following details:

    1- Is problem bg process running into the status windown and the idle time is normal?

    2- How many records does the scheduled table have with class problem?

    3- If a notification is fired, please confirm if a eventout is created for it.