ITSM Deployment Manager Adding Server Problem

Hi ,

Here is my Environment :

Hardware Specification : CPU : Intel Core i7 , RAM : 32G

Software Specification :  Windows Server 2008 R2

Software installed on both Windows Servers :

1- Microsoft Visual C Redistributable Packages

2- jdk-7u80-windows-x64

3- Xampp latest version with Apache tomcat with default port (8080)

4- Browsers : Mozilla Firefox

5- Windows firewall in both windows servers are off.

Both windows servers can connect to the internet and can ping each other.

I want to test Service Manager , so I have done these steps :

In windows server A , I logined to the admin portal and added the environment called "Main Environment" , then in the adding server section, I have filled the form for Windows Server B as  below :

Name : Server B
Operating System : Windows
IP Address or FQDN : *.*.*.*
User Name ( domainName\userName or userName ) : Administrator
Password : ********

after that , there is a problem in connecting to the Windows Server B and the progress indicator keeps going on the checking status with out changing to green status.

Where is the problem ?

Thanks for any help.