Assignment based on value combined from two fields

Hi All,


Please provide some valuable inputs on the below requirements

I have Two Fields say Field A and Field B. Both Fields have the Static List of values populated.

Now based on the values selected in both the fields I need to assign a particular ticket to a particular Group


The value in both the Fields is Independent of each other.


Please suggest how I can meet this requirement


  • 1.  Create a custom table that holds 3 columns: One for each of the 2 fields, and one that holds the name of the assignment group.

    2.  Populate that table for each combination.

    3.   On the format control of the ticket, upon Save or creation, do a query against that table using the values of the two fields to get the name of the assignment group and then populate the assignment group field with that value.

    NOTE: Also, create a validation to make sure that those two fields are mandatory. Or you will need to add in some combinations into the custom table that includes rows where one of the two fields is blank.