Inbound Email to multiple Email Addresses

Dear Experts,

I have been trying to identify ways of setting up Inbound email integration to HPSM 9.34 using Connect IT.  The scenario we have is that, different assignment groups have different Email addresses for their support teams. So incoming emails is to multiple addresses. And there are multiple companies as well.

Can i setup auto creation of tickets and send it to different companies "and" different groups within same company with multiple incoming email addresses.


support email of group A in company A is

support email of group B in company A is

support email of group C in company C is

Is this possible if i use multiple Email connectors in CIT for each group within company?

Currently, i cant move all to different companies nor have same email id to all groups due to certain management and resourcing constraints.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Let me know if my understanding is right.

    You have to create tickets in HPSM using email, the ticket may be coming in from different companies and you want to assign to the group based on the incoming email. If understanding is not right then let me know.

    Top of my head I can think of two below ways:

    1. Have some key word in the email subject such as [CompanyA]  or [Company B]. So if this keyword is found in the subject then assign to the particular assignment group.

    2. The preferred method personally.

    Create a new table in HPSM and bring the contents from the email such as title, body, from address etc

    using JavaScript you can perform all kind of things like assigning to particualr group, assigning to particular assignee etcc.



  • Dear AB

    Thank you for the response.

    You are right that i need to create tickets from email, however, my requirement also has a part where the emails are received in to  multiple email addresses. One user sends the request to and other user sends it to

    The subject text, like you said will help, however, is there a possibility to configure emails coming to multiple email addresses to create tickets in one system?

  • Verified Answer

    In case if you have are going to read the email from multiple mailboxes then you will have to have multiple inbound Email connect IT connectors and filter the emails in SM connector.

    Or if you are saying its just one mailbox you are going to read from ie.. and will be sending email to same mailbox, you can right away bring the emails to SM to a new table and from there perform Javascript operations for creating the tickets in desired module and assigning to different groups.


  • Dear AB,

    Thank you again.

    I was looking at the first scenario and wanted to know if HPSM can consume from multiple EMAIL connectors at the same time. You answered it. I will go ahead and start configuring these and let you know if i faced any hurdle.


  • Hi,

    As you have requirements to process emails from several meail boxes, it's better to create N CIT scenarios, 1 scenario for 1 emailbox. And then using CIT Service Console schedule them for running using their own timetables.