View for manager of assignment groups


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I'm looking for a way for managers of assignment groups to be able to view incidents for the groups they are managers for.

So the view should be for everybody to see but only show cases assigned to groups where the logged on operator is manager. 

The managers are not necessarily members of the groups, so "group isin $" will not work.

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     Here is a high-level design:

    1.  Create a field on the assignment table that can hold the manager's operator ID.

    2.  On the login.DEFAULT format control, in calculations, initialize a Global variable which is an array. Then do a query and select all the assignment groups where the operator ID is listed in the manager field

    3.  Create an inbox against the probsummary table and in the query you can use:  assignment isin <name of global variable>


    Other things to consider:

    1.  How will this new manager field be managed/maintained going forward? You may need to add this new manager field to any existing assignment table format and verify that admins have the ability to make changes. Also from a process perspective, admins will need to be made aware when management changes.

    2.  You will need to populate the manager field for every existing assignment group (in theory) and then you will need to add populating this field to the process whenever a new assignment group is created. 

  • That's super. Thank you for your design and your thoughts. 

    I will consider the pro's and con's and take it up with our request group.