how to prevent sending notifcation to a specific assignement group


am using SM9.32 and the notification of a new incident is configured to be sent to the assignment group (when the incident is affected to an assgimenet group).

my question here, is how to prevent the sending of mail notification to a specific assigment group?

can i use this condition : (in note):

false and assignment in $L.file = {"x", "y"}

plz help.



  • I beleive that your condition will always evaluate to false (because you have it set to false) and so it would never execute.

    Could you not say:

    assignment in $L.file <>"X"


    not assignment in $L.file isin  {"x", "y"}

    I'm assuming you are not using Process Desginer?

  • can you also mention what should happen when the IM is assigned to that Assignment Group(AG)?
    - If it is configured to notify a Specific AG, what is the reason to overwrite this? Do you want the notification to be sent to another AG instead?
    For your case, you can disable/false the Message line under Notification Definition.(in a non-PD version).

  • Use the condition

    assignment in $L.file ~={"Assignment Group 1", "Assignment Group 2"}

    This can be used for 1 to many assignment groups.  The condition will send to all groups except for the ones identified within the brackets. 

    Works in version 9.30 which is what I am working with