Autoformat - marking cases close to SLT expiration


I have tried to search the forum for this question but haven't found anything.

I need to autoformat a view so it marks cases red when their SLT expire within 6 hours. I tried with
SLT Expiration  -  On or before  -  tod() '06:00:00'

It doesn't give me an error, but it doesn't work either. And when I enter the autoformat rule again, the date field is blank. Can the date field only have absolute dates? And if so, is there another way I can do this?

I have administrative privileges, but I am not a developer. 

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PS: We are on HP Service Manager 9.42

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    For future reference, this sub-forum is for HP Service Desk, not Service Manager. You'd want to post these in the "ServiceCenter/Service Manager" sub-forum.

    As to your question: Autoformat assumes absolute values, not a calculation. The formal way is to just create alerts for these, which will update the "Alert Status" field (or whatever you want touched) and you can then use that field with that value to do the color coding.

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    Thanks, and sorry. I may have misplaced another question too.

    That sounds like a good solution. Will implement it right away.


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