SD-IM Escalation fails after migrating HPSM 9.41 p4 Classic to Codeless

Working on a POC to migrate HPSM 9.41 p4 Classic(customized) to Codeless and facing couple of issues,
- Workflow & Ruleset for Incident has been updated as required & while escalating Service Desk ticket to Incident, i receive this below error while Saving IM ticket.

Cannot evaluate expression 1 in {"Incident", , "", , false, {}, 0, , {}, , imCategory={[true, "incident", "incident", "IM", 2, "user", '01/
12/17 06:16:54', 3, "DEFAULT", ]}, , WorkflowPhase={["IM", "probsummary", "Logging", "", {"", "

full error attached

I am new to Process Designer & need few suggestions on how did champs in this Forum migrated to Codeless from Classic HPSM.

Thanks in advance,


  • Did you forget the log file? Can't see any...

    First thing that came to my mind is that one of the SD ticket's fields get caught by validation and therefore the SD ticket is not created _before_ SM tries escalation. Because SM tries to copy certain fields from SD to IM, it could explain the crash in the escalation problem. I had this issue by myself...

    So, have you checked the SD ticket is opened correctly and there are no (SD) validation issues in the log?

    I did not use the new "streamlined" SD workflow, but forked the old one instead.