hp sm and ucmdb integration question

Can any one please tell me what happens when a add/update/delete request is send from ucmdb to sm to add/update/delete a ci or relations?


which script is used? which rad application is used?where this dem rules and extaccess files come in place?


how the workflow happens?


i know the ucmdb will convert the data into xml and send to sm? but after that how the data is pushed into sm usinng webservice (steps) i dont know?


i'm troubleshooting an integration issue. I'm getting error from SM. its not inserting data (different error messages)




  • Hello Sreek,


    you could check the Web Service for the uCMDB ( Tailoring > Web Services > WSDL Configuration ). Over at the Web Service you are using ( for example ucmdbComputer ) you should see "Discory Event Manager" at "Custom Action to Perform".


    Over at Tailoring > Web Services > Discovered Event Manger Rules you can view the records, and with the Button "View ScriptLibrary Record" you can jump to the Script in the Library ( discoveryEvent ).



    Finally what works best for me, is opening a Service Manager Debug Port and use that at the uCDMB integration settings ... you can dig deep here, and follow step by step what is happening ... at least you could at the end if nothing else happens, use this log for a HP support call attachment.


    Typically I set the port to something like this : sm -httpPort:14400 -debugnode:1 -rtm:3 -debugdbquery:999 -debughttp:1 -ssl:0 -sslConnector:0 -trustedsignon:1 -ssl_reqClientAuth:2 -acceptsharedcert:1 -log:..\logs\log_name.log  ... you can also set RTM to 4 - Help Server has some information on that parameter.



    Hope this helps, Robert