SM 9.40 and Smart Analytics Frequence Questions.

Following are some of the most frequent questions about SM 9.40 and Smart Analytics configuration with their respective asnwers given by R&D people in their most.


Can we use Smart Analytics within SM 9.34 RTE server and client version and SM9.40 APP server version or viceverse?

No, you must have SM 9.40 RTE, APP and client version in order to use Smart Analytics Properly.


When you install Smart Analytics from DVD, do you need an idol license to be able to run/start the smart
analytic servers or not?
No you don't. You can install the Smart Analytics services without the license. The license is put into the SM
LicFile.txt, so it is within Service Manager where you need the license.


Will you change the License model for Smart Analytics, when you extend it to Interactions, Changes, etc?
No, the license stays the same for Smart Analytics even if you extend Hot Topic Analytics.


Can multiple SM servers connect to one Smart Analytics server?
No - each SM Server, such as Production, needs its own Smart Analytics instance, as the indexing and
searching is done there.


How does Smart Analytics work in SM Multi-tenancy environment?
When Multi Company Mode is enabled within SM in the System Definition Information Record, a new tab will
appear in the setup of the Smart Tickets configuration for the company information. The Smart Ticket
configuration takes effect on these companies individually by segregating their data in Smart Analytics
database. It also works with Hot Topic Analytics.


The new capability word "idol.assistant" is used for both Smart Ticket and Hot Topic Analytics?

Yes this is correct. This capability word needs to be applied to all users using the Web Client, such as the SD Agent and Problem Manager. It is not needed by Self Service users.


What is a stop word?
When indexing documents, any word defined in the stoplist file will not be a searchable word in IDOL server.
However, the word itself is still kept in the content. For example, the word "AND" is a stop word in the stoplist,
you cannot search "AND" when you send a query, but the retuning content may contains the word "AND" when
you query other words.


How to configure stop words?
With the out-of-box release, a set of stoplist files are included in the folder $IDOL_Install_Folder\IDOL\langfiles.

The filename convention is language.dat. For example, english.dat for English. If you want to include or exclude words from the stop list, you can edit the file.

Only single word other than phrases are allowed in the stoplist file.

The words defined in the stoplist are case-insensitive. After you
modified the stoplist, you need restart the IDOL server and re-index all contents.


What is a stop phrase?
Its full name is "Query Summary Stop Phrases" in IDOL. When you run Hot Topic Analytics, you will get a set of
topics shown on the topic map. If you do not want to see a non-sense topic on the map, e.g., "Hello Team",
you can define it as a stop phrase.


How to configure stop phrases?
You can manually edit the file $IDOL_Install_Folder\IDOL\content\main\qssp.txt to include any phrases you
do not want to be a topic. After you modifying the file, you need restart IDOL server to make it work.


You can find attached Smart Analytics Administration and User Guide.pdf




Smart Analytics Administration and User Guide.pdf