Fetch last created Incident Task

Hi Experts,

I need to retrieve last created incident task(s) comparing with last incident was fetched. As i need to run a SOAP web service which aytomatcically  get any created incident tasks and post it into my local Database. Is there a parameter which i can add (instead of TaskID) in the following request:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">schemas.xmlsoap.org/.../" xmlns:ns="">http://schemas.hp.com/SM/7" xmlns:com="">schemas.hp.com/.../Common" xmlns:xm="">www.w3.org/.../xmlmime">
      <ns:RetrieveIncidentTaskRequest  ignoreEmptyElements="true" >
               <ns:TaskID type="String">IM3523846-001</ns:TaskID>
            <ns:instance />

Appreciate your support. 

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