Truncate an array of characters


I want to truncate an array of characters for a field without having to convert it to a string and using the substring function.The main purpose is to limit the no. of characters of the array say 100 characters so that when I push data to another third party tool,it allows me to send only 100 characters of the array.



  • Hello MelWar,

    can you comment a little bit more on the context of your question? For instance, is this a one-time job or do you want to do this regularly? Are you asking for a piece of code in JavaScript or RAD? And when you say "to limit the no. of characters of the array" -- is this about truncating the array of characters _as_a_whole_ or do you want to truncate each element individually (so that each element is truncated to 100 characters)? ...


    Best regards