HP Service Manager crashes


Recently our HP Service Manager is getting random crashes and I cant figure out why.  It just stop working.  Restarting HP service Manager service doesnt work, it require a full server restart (as crash I mean that the selftsevice page is down, and no one (users and operators) can connect to service manager via web or client).

Looking at the sm.log, it just stop writing information at the crash moment, and doesnt show any RTE E errors.

It only shows the following Warning very often (in todays log, about 100 or more)

2388( 3868) 06/27/2016 11:40:28 JRTE W Send error response: Session no longer valid

This happens with or without active users.

Also the escalation process at certain time is paintfully slow (2 minutes) , in general it happens before a crash.

Our Server configuration is:

VM Win 2008 STD over Hyper-V

20GB RAM (it only use 3 or 4 gb in general)

200GB HDD  (70% avaliable)

HP Service Manager 9.30.021

DB: Oracle 10


I´ll Apreciate any help that the community can provide me.