"This record was merged automatically. Repeat your last operation" message in HPSM 9.50

Hello everyone !

I need help on a topic. Whenever I am creating a new Interaction I am getting one message saying "This record was merged automatically. Repeat your last operation". This is causing issues as some values are not saved and I have to click on the "Save & Exit" button.

Does anyone have idea on this ? Kindly help

Thanks and Regards


  • Realize this response is late coming, but this error is often caused by the addition of a new field on the table in question. The "iscurrent()" functon used by RAD to determine if the record is stale or fresh is thrown off by stale SQL cache. The answer is usually to refresh your SQL cache or restart your system.

    Another thing to check is that you have locking enabled or that a lock is established. A field populated or updated by code alone will not register as a change to the record unless a prior lock was established. This is hard coded in the "se.base.method" RAD.