How to uninstall process designer

Hi, All

I would like to uninstall the Process Designer.

SM Version: 9.32

OS: Windows 2008

I research install guide, help, and Application Manager guide
but I could not find how to uninstall Process Designer.

Do you know how to uninstall Process Designer?

Best Regards,

  • Since you're on 9.32, I take it that you have installed one (or more) of the content packs which introduce PD? If so, did you take backups of your system before implementing PD? You can roll those back if you did take them. If not, is PD still only in a Development environment, or is it in your Production environment? If it is not yet in Prod, can you take a backup of the entire Prod database and migrate it into the Dev database?

  • Hi AChandler,

    Yes,I take it that you have installed one of the content packs which introduce PD.

    No, I take backups of my system before implementing PD.  Because (maybe) my customer install PD quiet a few years ago and many customize added from then.


    You say "you cannot uninstall PD. If you take backup your system before implementing PD, you can roll those back it" aren't you?

    I heard ”SM cannot uninstall PD. " at one time, I bring back the past.

    I think your answer is correct...

    I tough.