How to select the existing interaction by JavaScript

Hi experts,


Does anybody know how to select the existing interaction by JavaScript?


What I am trying to do is that


1. Click duplicate interaction button

2. Swith the view from the source to the duplicated interaction.


I would like to know how to make it realize 2. by JavaScript.



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    I suggest you to create an object variable type incidents and then through the function doSelect() get the specific interaction.


    var fIncident=new SCFile("incidents");
    var query="\"" <sdNumber> "\"";

    if (rc != RC_SUCCESS)
       print("Open time:  " fIncident.open_time);


    You could use SCFILE_READONLY and function setFields to make the query more efficient.




  • Luis 


    I have implemented as you suggested. However, cloned interaction is not selected on the display, a parent record remained selected. What I want to realize is that 

    Press the 'clone button'(this button is customized one , not standard one ) which creates the cloned interaction, and the screen display will swith from the parent interaction to the cloned one. 


    If there is something unclear, let me know.



  • Hi,

    You can use RAD functions instead of javascript to do this requirement.and alraedy there is a process called "cc.cloneadd" present which can be used.



    Jagabandhu Padhy

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