Uploading result to ALM

Hello Everyone,

I am using CURL command from linux to perform certain operation in ALM. I managed to create test set and execute the test and update the status using REST API. 

I got stuck while uploading the result file into ALM using CURL.

Does anyone has experience using CURL to upload file? Any help in this regard is really appreciated.



  • Here is the solution

    curl -kv -b "LWSSO_COOKIE_KEY=${LWSSO_COOKIE_KEY}; QCSession=${QCSession}"  -H 'Content-Type:application/octet-stream' -H "slug:report.html"  --data-binary "@./screenshots/report.html" "https://<<ALM_SERVER>>/qcbin/rest/domains/${domain}/projects/${project}/test-sets/${testsetID}/attachments/" -X POST