(SM) Support Tip: Install and Upgrade path to SM9.40


If you plan on running Service Manager 9.40 in a Windows or Unix environment, HP highly recommend's you to install HP ITSM Deployment Manager and use it to deploy your environment. Deployment Manager is a new free administration tool provided by HP to help you deploy and maintain your Service Manager environments as well as ease the setup and maintenance of Service Manager integration with other HP products. See this blog article for a quick overview: The new HP ITSM Deployment Manager will shorten your on premise software deployment.

HP bundles ITSM Deployment Manager with the Service Manager 9.40 DVD. This tool is also available at HP Live Network for free and all related information regarding its compatibility matrix and features are accessible there: https://hpln.hp.com/contentoffering/itsm-deployment-manager.

If you decide to use Deployment Manager to do your Service Manager installation, follow applicable instructions in the Deployment Manager documentation; otherwise, follow the instructions in interactive install document.



In earlier versions of Service Manager, Process Designer functionality for Help Desk modules and for Change Management was available only through content packs (most recently, Process Designer Content Pack 9.30.3). Service Manager 9.40, however, is released in two modes:

  • Service Manager Codeless, in which Process Designer workflows and functionality are fully-implemented in Service Desk, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Request Fulfillment, Knowledge Management, and Service Level Management
  • Service Manager Classic, which retains legacy workflows and functionality, with the exception of Service Level Management, which is re-factored to use Process Designer-based workflows

Some Upgrade Path:


1.Installing SM9.40 brand new to SM9.40 Codeless
2.Upgrading from SM9.3x with no PDCP Content Pack to SM9.40 Classic
3.Migrating from SM9.3x with PDCP2 or PDCP3 Content Pack to SM9.40 Codeless
4.Upgrading from SM9.3x with PDCP4 Content Pack to SM9.40 Codeless
5.Upgrading from SM9.2x or SM7.1x to SM9.40 Classic
6.Upgrading from SM9.2x or SM7.1x to SM9.40 Codeless
7.Upgrading from SM7.0x or SC6.2 to SM9.40 Classic
8.Upgrading from SM7.0x or SC6.2 to SM9.40 Codeless
9.Migrating from SM9.40 Classic to SM9.40 Codeless


The interactive upgrade guide will assist with the actual upgrade steps found: 

https://softwaresupport.hp.com/group/softwaresupport/search-result?keyword=SM9.40 upgrade


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  • Hi Rama,


    Thank you for the tip!


    Best regards,

    Andres Valverde

    HP Software Support

  • ITSM deployment manager is faster and makes things easier. Some lessons learned.


    Make sure you have the latest version of ITSM DM. The version I used required special upload of SM 9.40 dvd media 1 & 2 to be able to install SM 9.40.

    Do not use localhost when login into ITSM DM via Chrome. Use the FQDN in the url else you will run into problems.

    Read the instructions and apply the powershell settings and memory increase settings.

    Do not bother using the SQL Express option, setup your SQLserver db beforehand manually. Much easier.

    If some steps fails, do not panic, just check the logs, fix the situation, skip run steps and start from failed step again.

    One good way to troubleshoot, if you cannot manually install the sqlserver to the target server, there's no chance ITSM DM can do it either. I had a corrupted version of sqlserver. Took awhile to figure it out.

    Check out the out of the box packages, turned out there were already some that did what I wanted. I messed up the SM Analytic ports and also wasted time adding new task to SM 9.40 install package which was better handled by the out of the box packages. e.g. SM Smart Analytic and KM. The silver lining was that  I learned how to change the SM Analytic port manually. ;)

    I haven't tried patching yet but that will be a different post.


  • hi,


    I had very tough time with ITSM DM V2 as well V3 (Build 20150123),


    I was stuck up on the login screen of ITSM DM itself.


    no one replied  till tade for the problem sceanrion at this forum of HP  as well at HP Live Network.


    Due to timeline constraints from my customer,  I had to ignore the deployment of ITSM DM V2/V3 and had proceeded again with clean and fresh manual installation of HP SM 9.40. 


    infact i had received strong recommmendation from HP's fourm only for un-installaing the ver of HP SM 9.40 and redeploy using ITSM DM V2, all in vain    :(


    Thanks and Regards

    Hemant Vaswani

  • Hello Hemant,


    The ITSM DM is updated approximately every 2 weeks (bi-weekly build), I hope you followed the guide for the latest  version: https://hpln.hp.com/node/18528/contentfiles


    Please open a support case if you don't get an answer in the forum.


    Best Regards,

    Rama Balakrishnan

  • NOTE: SMA-X is the new tech using Docker. ITSM Deployment Manager is now old tech. Fyi.