Is it possible to assign one operator to multicompanies?

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I would like to know if it is possible to assign multiple companies on one operator.


For example, operator A belongs to company A.

Simultaneously operator A temporarily is loan to subsidary company A' as well.


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  • Hi Shuta,


    which Service Manager Version are you currently using ?


    The screenshot shows the search format for operators. Here you will be able to search for the "Default" Company.

    The definition of the operator and the available companies is done in the table "operator".


    I looked in SM9.40 (codeless) for example.

    One operator can have one Default Company but he can have access to multiple companies through the Security Roles .


    Enable "Run in Multi-Company Mode" in System Information Record.

    Select for example Operator "Admin.General"

    Search for the "Security Roles". Set cursor on "incident analyst" and click on "Find".

    The Security Role definition for "incident analyst" will be displayed.

    Double click on "Incident" for example

    The secRights record for Role "incident analyst" will be displayed.

    Scroll down to "Security Folders" and you will see all available folders (defined in FolderDef table).

    see screenshot.


    You would need to updated all secRights records this SecurityRole may need access to the folder.


    For more information look into helpserver .

    SM9.40 for example: chapter

    System Administration > Application Setup > Controlling user access and security > Folder entitlement


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  • One.  In all operator profiles do you have add folder asociated to company.

    Two.  You sure clean company field in your operator.