HP OpenView service desk 4.5 SP25 on Windows 8

Hi all,


I hope someone can help me here. 


I have installed hp OpenView service desk 4.5 client and updated to SP25 on windows 8. 

It connectes to the server and opens a basic view of calls or changes etc. 


When i look at the view i see that the call/change IDs are 0 and when i double click the call or change i get an error. 

Error is: You are not allowed to view this service call or this may have been deleted by another user


I have cleared my profile and reinstalled the application and SP25 and i tried running it in compatablity mode to no success. 


I have also tried installing the HP OpenView service desk 4.5 Client 2008 (with no updates) 

When i launch the Client 2008 i get a message to update my software, to what version i do not know... 


I have tried the fixes outlined in these posts: 





Note: Screenshots attached. 


Please could some one help me with this issue?


Many thanks,


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