Tips to troubleshoot the SM-BSM incident's creation



When you set up the BSM - SM integration and the incidents are not being created on SM, you may found the following message on the sm.log or in the log for the port that BSM uses to connect SM:


Script failed: Error in executing script BDM_SM.processRequestError in executing script 'BDM_SM.processRequest'Error in executing script BDM_SM.processRequest: ValidationFailedException: Validation failed for probsummary - failed to add record


A best practice will be to add the debughttp:1 to see the entire html that is being sent by BSM, also you can add the code in the following document to write further information about the values that are sent by BSM, you can try to open an incident manually with those values and confirm if one of them does not exists on SM or if it's required and was not send by BSM



Roberto  Cespedes