Steps to add Members/Approvers in cm3groups table

Service Manager (SM) : In cm3groups table, the Members and Approvers cannot be directly added, the fields are not editable.


One needs to go to the change profile (cm3profile table) and in approvals/groups tab, review and approval groups for the profiles can be added. The operators which use this profile get into the cm3groups table for the respective groups. It is needed to go to more options on the cm3groups and Rebuild Group for changes to take an effect.

Example :
1. In windows client, go to dbcm3groups, search for group name COORDINATOR
2. And see the following members/approvers only for this group :

3. Assuming it is needed to add Change.Approver operator as member and approver, go to Change.Approver operator
4. Check its change profile :

5. Click on the find button beside this change approver profile to open this profile .
6. In the change approver profile, Approvals/Groups tab is seen.
7. Add COORDINATOR for Approval and Review groups in this profile :

8. Click on Save .
9. Now go to back to COORDINATOR under cm3groups, right click or go to more options to get the option of Rebuild Group

10. Once the group is rebuilt, Change.Approver is seen listed in that group like above screenshot.