External web service call timed out.


I am calling an extarnal webservice from HPSM which sometimes works and somtimes it doesn't. I've narrowed it down to it being a problem with how long the web service takes to response. It would seem by default HPSM is capped at a wait time of 10-15 seconds before cutting the connection.

I would like to increase this value but I haven't found any way to do this.

Sample of my call function.


function GetConnectionString(idTransport)
var service = new system.library.SM2GISService.SM2GISService();
var request = new system.library.SM2GISService.GetStyledConnectionString();


var response = service.invoke(request);

if (response.isFault())
		throw("SOAP Fault:"   response.faultstring.getValue());
var conString = response.GetStyledConnectionStringResult.getValue();


return conString;

Has anyone had a similar issue ? How can i increase the wait time for a response to avoid this timeout issue ?


Thank you in advance.

  • Verified Answer

    In the ScriptLibrary for SM2GISService you should find in the definition of the service lines like these:

    this.connectTimeOut = 10;

    this.sendTimeOut = 10;

    this.recvTimeOut = 10;

    Those are the default timeouts in seconds.  You can increase them as needed.  Note that if this Web Service is issued from the workflow of a client session setting a high value may cause the client session to timeout.  ( high being several minutes )