(SM) Support Tip : Incident tickets do not get closed in SM when acknowledged in OMW

SM/SCAuto for OMW 1.5 : Service Manager (SM) incident tickets do not get closed when those are acknowledged in Operations Management Windows (OMW). The incidents get logged in SM when an alert is generated in OMW but do not get closed.
 pmc.map file in <ScAutoInstallDir>\EventMap\ToSC contains fields from SM's eventmap that are exposed to SCAuto. The sequence of the fields in pmc.map and Eventmap of SM does not match.


Please follow the below steps to fix the issue :
1. Login to SM windows client with falcon
2. In the command line, type eventmap
3. Search for Map Name as problem close and Type as Input
4. The sequence in which the fields are listed should be same as pmc.map in <ScAutoInstallDir>\EventMap\ToSC.
5. Edit the pmc.map and make sure all the fields are present in the same sequence as in eventmap problem close.
6. Restart ScAuto service and then try acknowledging another message to see that the pmc now goes and closes the incident.