Poor performance when saving an interaction in 9.33

Experiencing slow response times when saving an interaction in SM 9.33.   The issue is sporatic and some saves can take as long as 40 to 60 seconds.  Issue is more prevelent on the first save and subsequent saves for a user are much quicker.  SQL back end.  Other modules are quite quick.



  • Verified Answer

    Sounds like a indexing problem to me. Please check your sm.ini/sm.cfg if there's set a parameter ir_asynchronous and whether its value is 0 or 1.


    Direct snippet from SM help:

    Possible values
    0 (synchronous record handling)
    1 (asynchronous record handling)


    If parameter is not set or it's set to 0, default value means every added record updates IR file (information retrieval) immediately. That could hamper the system's performance due to a processing task.


    To setup properly asyncronous IR record handling, I suppose you need also a command sm -que.

    From SM help:

    You can start the processing of scheduled IR records by using the sm -que:ir command. If the scheduled process stops without clearing the shared memory, you can start the process again by using the sm -que:ir command