UCMDB 10.21 and SM 9.40 Integration problem

We are integrationg these two version of the software using the new Enhanced adapter.  Everything seems to be working as expected except for one thing, the DEM reconciliation rules in SM.

Everything says that ucmdb.id is the first reconciliation key and that it's hard-coded in the adapter.  However the docs are a bit contradictoryon whether a hard-coded reconciliation rule also exists on logical.name after ucmdb.id.  Some parts of the dosc seem to imply it's there, some say after ucmd.id, it goes straight to the DEM reconciliation rules.

Either way, with no additional DEM reconciliation rule, or with one on the CI Identifier (which maps to the logical.name), our integration doesn't match records on that field.  If ucmdb.id doesn't match up, SM tries to create a new record every time.  We've made the DEM reconciliation rules work with network name, but it refuses with logical.name.

Anyone have any suggestions?  (I'm cross-posting this in the UCMDB forum as well)