web tier 9.32 with rest api issue

I have url like this https:///webtier-9.32/login.do or https:///webtier-9.32/index.do so don't know how the rest url is formed like that https:// <server name >:<port>/webtier-9.32/sm/9/rest or https:// <server name>:<port>/sm/9/rest Please provide the guidance. Using HP SM web tier 9.32

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  • A basic SM implementation consists of three "tiers", or (in a simplified architecture) three servers.

    • Server 1 is the Application Server. This is where the SM RTE binaries are installed. This server is mandatory.
    • Server 2 is the RDBMS (database) Server. This is where the backend database supporting SM is installed and where the RAD lives and where any in-application tailoring resides (though the tailoring is performed through the GUI). This server is mandatory.
    • Server 3 is the Web Server. This is where the webapp - the webtier/webclient files reside and are served to end users by a server such as Tomcat or JBoss or WAS. The function of this server is mandatory, but could be performed by the Application Server - that is to say, you could have Server 1 running both the SM RTE and the SM Web, but this is a bad idea for a Prod environment.

    That's a quick architecture description. Now, for your particular question, REST calls into SM go directly into the application - into the RTE, so REST calls do not involve the webtier or web server at all. Therefore your REST URL should look like this http://<appServerName>:<appServerPort>/SM/9/rest/<resourceCollectionName> - or, to use the example above and a fictitious port to hit the Incidents REST, http://server1.domain.com:19410/SM/9/rest/incidents would be the URL.

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