Vertical tabs in SM9.40 how to?


How can I do to make the tabs of SM9.x appears in vertical format?

I've attached a pic...



  • Verified Answer

    Vertical tabs (aka collapsible sections) can be enabled by:

    1) in the system information record, you can change the Preferred Rendering Type from Notebook to Collapsible Sections (or similar, not at SM right now). This will set the default for all users at their next login.

    2) In the operator record, select the preferred rendering style for the operator. This will override the system information record default.


    • Only forms defined using the notebook object (with tabs) in forms designer can dynamically adjust their display type. If a form was built using collapsible groups (e.g. the configurationItem format), it will always display in sections and the preferred rendering style will be ignored.
    • On forms with a notebook object, if the "Lock Rendering Style" property of the notebook object is selected, the form will always display as a notebook even if the preferred style is sections.