Can Eventout records in HPSM be filtered and separated based on values in evfields(External String)?

Dear Experts,

We have implemented SMS notification for SLA chasers by using same methodology as Email- 

SLO -> Alertdef -> Notification (used same notification method as email for email chasers and SMS chasers. But SMS chasers uses JSCall to get phone number from contact table and push to eventout record. 
From the eventout record, there is a script to get the values from eventout -> split message and phone number, then send the split values to another table(SMSOUT) and to SMS server from here.

Example: When a particular incident reaches 25% SLO,  that schedule runs and 2 eventout records are created
1. Type Email; Evefield (External Information String) with details of Email to be sent to  Assignee
2. Type: Email; Evefield (External Information String)  with details of SMS to be sent to Assignee

Our concern is - we dont want SM to treat the 2nd eventout as email by sending to SMTP server.
Tried other notify method like ocml, sms but eventout record is not created.

Can you advise below
1. Can we filter eventout records and prevent SM from processing based on some condition in string?
2. Any other method we can use?

  • Hi,

    yes. You could for instance create a trigger on the eventout table for the before add state (Trigger Type 1 - Before Add), and change the evtype based on your condition. You can change the evtype to unwanted,skip etc, these would then not be processed. Only evtypes email should be processed by HPSM and send as email.

    Or you could rewrite the alert definition to not create a record in eventout out, but instead in smsout.