“Maximum session exceeded” error message in Service Manager Production.

Hi Experts,

“Maximum session exceeded” error message in Service Manager Production. I was seen lot of “ucmdb_sm” sessions(Totally 127 sessions).


We have integration from ucmdb (upgraded to 10.21 UD recently). why uCMDB is creating over 100 sessions to push data to SM?I am not sure if each transaction is creating a connection, but in SM after running integration jobs for a while the number of Max sessions is reached and SM is not accepting anymore connections.

Once we get to that point, only way is to reboot SM, this causes the integration to fail and we need to restart the integration job in uCMDB, this causes slowness to push data and manual work


SM Version is 

App version 9.33.0035

RTE version is 9.34.4001



  • In general, it is bad practice to use a new connection for each request, unless request volumes are very low (one request every few seconds or less).
    Moderate to high volumes of incoming web services requests (more than one every few seconds) require that the client application maintain a persistent connection to the SM web services port, and submit multiple requests over this connection, with each request using the same user credentials.
    Very high volumes of incoming web services requests (more than one per second) with each request obtaining its own connection is likely to result in severe performance degradation, and in extreme cases can lead to outages.

    Is persistence setup for this integration?

    In HTTP/1.1, persistent connections are the default behavior of any connection.
    If you use HTTP 1.0 you have to manually set the HTTP header “connection” to keep-alive.
    The header will inform you on if you have this set or not and which HTTP version you are using. You can capture the header to http.log with -debughttp:1
    Also consider lowering webservices_sessiontimeout in sm.ini

    The Web Services Guide can help you further understand those concepts, you can access it via the document matrix at https://softwaresupport.hp.com/group/softwaresupport/search-result/-/facetsearch/document/KM01294561