SM is throwing an error message when CIT pushes an email with emoji character

Hi SM experts,

We are facing an issue with Connect-It and SM int. Would like to know if anyone has a solution for it.

Issue: whenever an email contains emoji characters, connect-It blocks that email from being SM. I raised this case with HP and got the following reply:

Regarding your case, after trying to unload your unload file and checking the logs file you provided, we found that in the OOB system, we met the same issue with emoji character. According to the KM:, the only workaround here is not to use the emoji character.

My sincerely apologize because the product is not working as expected to you.

We think that there can be a possible solution if we can scan the emails at exchange and convert emoji characters to something acceptable. Question is, can someone tell me how we can get this setting implemented at exchage?