Language translation


Using SM 9.30 with french language pack.

On Incident form, some fields "Description" in Activies are in english instead of french.

Where can I change it ?



  • Greetings.

    It sounds to me that the deployment of the language pack is wrong, can you give more details or send screenshots in order to have a better look of the issue?

  • I'm not sure I understand. Is the "Description" caption in English or the content of the Description field?

    Data entered in free form text will not be translated and will always display in the language used to enter it. The language pack does not include new, native language sample records; it uses the same out of box sample data as the base build. Those records are in English. 

  • John,


    Thanks. The "issue" is in the description field.

    If we write in french, no problem. If we leave the box empty when changing status the descrption field is filled by the system in English. We want to know if it's possible to translate the "default" text in french.


    Regards and thanks,

  • Hi,

    The translations of the activities are always a pain point. There is no mechanism to translate automatic activities, it's a known limitation.

    Nevertheless to do so, you ca go to the activityactions table and modify the name of the activity and also the description.

    Be carreful, if you want to use translated values for phase names modifications, you have to call a script library that will get the translated value of the global list.


    for reassignment (update of probsummary table)

    name : Réaffectation

    condition : do not change the condition

    description : {"Réaffectation de  " nullsub(assignment in $,"NONE") " à " nullsub(assignment in $L.file,"NONE")}



    name : Changement de statut

    condition : do not change the condition

    description : {"Changement de statut de " jscall("YourScriptLibrary.GetGLDisplay",problem.status in $,$G.imStatuses,$G.imStatuses.local) " à " jscall("YourScriptLibrary.GetGLDisplay",problem.status in $L.file,$G.imStatuses,$G.imStatuses.local)}


    and in YourScriptLibrary (this is an example) :

    function GetGLDisplay(field,gl,gldis)
     var display="";
     var gl = gl.toArray();
     var gl_dis = gldis.toArray();
     for(i=0;i<gl.length;i )
      if (gl[i] == field)