Upgrade durations for production - how long?

I am sure that answer will initially be 'how long is a piece of string' but....


We are currently planning our upgrade from HP Service Manager 9.21 to 9.33 (which goes via 9.30) and our production Oracle DB is about 90GB. Currently the technical support team have only been able to suggest an upgrade time window of slightly more than two days which for a globally used service management tool is not really palatable as we could only cope with a weekend outage.


So is this the sort of time window I should expect or are we missing something? how long were your production upgrades?


  • There are two options:


    The traditional approach would be to purge the production data removing old closed records prior to an upgrade to minimize the upgrade time, but this requires that you have a data warehouse or some other way to have a replica of existing records. 


    If you were upgrading to 9.34, instead of 9.33, however, there is a new method availablen called the Delta Migration Tool. 

    • It allows you to build your upgrade on a copy of production. Let's say that takes you three weeks.
    • It can then bring over only those transactional records which have been updated/added in the production system since the upgrade was applied and complete the upgrade against the record delta since the orginal system copy. 
    • This can significantly reduce the total time to process the upgrade for production.

  • Thanks John,

    So I think the answer is that the upgrade timings suggested are not 'unsurprising' and that the focus for us needs to be on archiving or purging data instead.

    We will need to review this with our internal stakeholders to manage with them what data they really need (and then persuade them that they don't need everything for 10 years)