SM 9.30 Data Modification Event can't display Old Value

Hi Expert,


I have some issue problem about SM 9.32 modify add additional field can't display Old Value in Data Modification Event.

i have add additional field in AM then replication to UCMDB and then replication to SM.

i try to test data in additional filed in SM step by step.

1. Example : In the CI Name "K0001" have attribute "K Rack No or K additional field" old value in AM is "RL405".
2. I have changed value "K Rack No" in AM to "RL455".
3. Re-run replication AM to uCMDB and then re-run replication uCMDB to SM.
4. And check value in "K Rack No" of CI Name "K0001" on SM agian.
5. value in "K Rack No" on SM have changed to "RL455" it correct. and SM data mod event can display New Value but Old value not display.



Please help solve this issue.





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