Wizard Creation in SM 9.30.

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I need to create a wizard:

- 1st screen : Request user to input the location of an CI

- 2nd screen : Search & Displays all the incidents which are related to the location entered in screen 1

- 3rd screen : upon selection of the incidents from the above list, view / update / modify the incidents.


Kindly guide me to create the wizard in the above format.




  • Hi Winston,


    in general, if you need assistance on how to create Wizards in Service Manager on your own, there is a very helpful Wizards Guide available through the Self-Solve area of the OpenView support page. There is one for SM V9.30, from July this year.


    Just in short: you will probably need 3 seperate wizards, one for each screen you want to display.

    For your specific request, I would suggest to create a seperate format for screen 1 and screen 2. For screen 3, I would suggest to use the Incident update format you are generally using in your system. For format 1 the question is whether you want your user to select a CI and then use the location of this specific CI or whether your user should select a location directly. You definetely need labels and some kind of textfields for all information you want to display and I would suggest to create a link for the field with the user input, either to your CI-table (device) or the location-table. Make sure you store the desired information in a variable (e.g. $L.file, depending on further circumstances), so that it is available for the next wizardThe wizard for this screen needs to be set to "request user input". The second wizard needs a format with a table where you display all desired information for the incidents. You also need to set up a query which retrieves all records with the desired location so you can show them. You should consider whether you want to allow multiple selection from the user or not. If yes, the third wizard (modification of incident) needs to be iterated through multiple times, i.e. the number of records the user has selected.

    As stated in the beginning, for detailed information on the concept of Wizards and all the possible setting, refer to the Wizards Guide.


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  • Hello,


    Create 4 wizards:






    You need to create a form eG. "MAIN FORM"  in "FD" configure 3 radio buttons and in the input option configure as follow:




    Then assign the  form created to the "principal" wizard in the "usage" tab sub formta to display option "MAIN FORM"

    In the same wizard configure the "Next Wizard" tab as follow


    wizard1 condition $first.option=true

    wizard2 condition $second.option=true

    wizard3 condition $third.option=true


    image attached.