Mass update functionality for a particular field

Hi Experts,


We have a requirement of


On the incident list form, behind the “More” button, add a button (EN) “Specific Update” (FR) “Update en masse spécifique” to mass update the value of the fields “UAT Release ” and/or “Production Release” on the Incident tickets ticked.


When clicking on the “Specific Update” button, a wizard displays the 2 editable fields UAT Release and Production Release, where the new values will have to be filled in.



Rules on the “ UAT Release” and “Production Release ” mass updates:

-       If there is a control on those fields, they are not performed

-       If the user does not have the right to modify the ticket, the update is not processed


After mass update, display the number of tickets updated out of the number of tickets of the selected list of incidents.


For each value modified on “UAT Release ” and “Production Release”, an activity is added on the Activity tab:


Mass UAT Release” => “UAT Release from XXX “Mass Production Release” => “Production Release from XXX to YYY”



Please suggest how to acheive this.